Spazio Legno was born between the province of Treviso, Padoa and Venice and it has confirm itself over the years as a dynamic and innovative company in the field of parquet and wood covering for interior and outdoor furniture.

Documented quality, modern design, ample range and hand-made manufactoring, allow us to offer a high quality product with a valued design, that will be able to satisfy each funriture’s request. Spaziolegno is not only our company, but also an area dedicated to people who wish to make this precious material the most important element of own house.

Noesis Legno is the new Spazio Legno brand, for realizations, finishes, tables and other products in high quality wood, 100% Italian quality.

Our collection of parquet takes its name from the red colour, that symbolize blood, passion and life. The rouge range is dedicated to the people who love warmth, love and embrace that only own home can donate.

The new SPC floorings allow you to create endless combinations to develop your own interior design.

Our boards are made with the purpose of giving not only an element of furniture, but a leading in every room.

Brushed, hand scraped, machine scraped, three different treatment to achieve the desired finish

Certification is an important and fundamental aspect, because it gives value to the product you buy.