FSC certification is a specific  international certification for the woody products coming from the forests.
There are two kinds of FSC certifications:
1. Forestry management: it guarantees that the raw material comes from a forest or a forestry plantation managed in the strict environmentally, economic and social parameters.
2. Chain of custody certification: it ensures the traceability of the raw materials coming from certified FSC forests and it is fundamental to put the FSC marking on the products.


CE grants the products that display it have passed the quality and security control checks according to the European directives. The marking has to be put on the packaging of the materials put on the market.


The PEFC (Pan-European forest certification) is a national and international control checking instrument that allows a specialized independent body to test the Eco sustainability of the woods management and their resources.
The sustainably forest certifications consider:
1. Balance between growing and cut uses;
2. Cultural values;
3. Biodiversity;
4. Forests protective function;
5. Forests health and vitality;
6. Forests resources and carbon cycles on a global scale.