the treatment is done through the use of brushes that work the wood surface removing the softest part of the veining showing the strength of the fiber. It gives a natural effect pleasing to the touch.


Until the half of the last century the floorings were hand-sanded with the use of planes. Nowadays we propose the same love and passion for the tradition through an excellent manufacturing, which gives the boards a lived aspect and an antique taste.


This treatment uses mechanical planers that realize a less traditional but regular work.


This manufacturing is done with the traditional hand saw; it gives traces of the orientation, depth, and irregular width, which are not possible to be done mechanically. The saw cut without an extreme polishing can be seen on the board, it gives a typical traditional aspect and gives the floor a not finished effect.


This kind of treatment uses different rollers on the boards in a uniform way giving a regular manufacturing aspect.


Wood is a lively material and when the time passes it becomes more beautiful, for this reason experts reproduce scratches, signs and small holes giving a suggestive lived effect to the surface.